Morning all

We all know I’ve got two cats – Munch & Scooby.

Due to the fact I live at the top of a block of flats with limited access, they are indoor cats. This means I know where they are at all times.

Well, at least I thought I did!

All cat lovers know that they can get into mischief when left to their own devices so I like to keep an eye on them and make sure I haven’t accidentally shut them in anywhere and I ended up spending a full 15 mins looking for Munch this morning.

Now, as you know, she isn’t a small cat so there are only so many places she can hide. She wasn’t in a cupboard, she wasn’t under the bed, she wasn’t in the washing machine (well, you never know), she wasn’t behind the sofa, she wasn’t behind the tv, she wasn’t behind the curtain…where the hell was she…?

Then Scooby dived in to help with the search, literally, and that’s when I heard a little squeak. Ha, found her, curled up in my bundled up duvet.

It’s a bit cold, I think I might join her.

Munch in hiding