I’ve got just 3 months to go before I move to Fethiye so have been experiencing a lot of ‘lasts’ recently – last office Christmas party, last Christmas dinner at my mum’s and so on. So I’ve been thinking about the things I’m going to miss about the UK. Obviously there are friends and family but what else is there…the snow? No. The rain? No. The commuting? Hell no.

But I have realised that I am going to miss the entertainment that London offers. I don’t mean the bars, restaurants etc although they are very good. I’m talking specifically about theatres and gigs.

I’ve been to lots of concerts in London. I’ve seen Pink virtually fly through the sky, I’ve stamped my cowboy-booted foot to Lady Antebellum, I’ve waved a lighter along with 120,000 other people while singing Robbie Williams’ Angels, I’ve watched Britney mime her way through an entire gig (2 hours of my life I will never, ever get back), I’ve gone back to the Summer of 69 with Bryan Adams, I’ve even seen Nickelback and enjoyed it – TWICE.

Gig Programmes

As for the theatre, well I’ve been to so many shows I’ve lost count, I’ve seen the absolutely amazing – Warhorse (still crying), One Man Two Guvnors (still laughing), Blood Brothers (more crying). I’ve been confused – Jerry Springer The Musical (did I really watch a grown man in a nappy try to avoid being stabbed by the kkk?). I’ve seen the downright boring – Mou…yawn, sorry…setrap. And only 2 days ago I saw a big green Scottish fella fart on stage in Shrek.

Theatre Programmes

I’ve also had the opportunity to see some pretty famous people on stage – Ewan McGregor, James McAvoy, James Corden, Kim Cattrall, Keira Knightley, Damien Lewis, Brendan Fraser, Freddie Prinze Jnr, Matthew Perry, Minnie Driver, Judi Dench, Mark Rylance (possibly the best theatre actor ever), Patrick Stewart and Matthew Fox to name but a few.

I’m still recovering from seeing Josh Hartnett take his shirt off on stage, and still trying to figure out if Chris Klein’s testicles making an escape from his boxer shorts was part of the script (I’m thinking not).

So I want to say thank you to all those entertainers that took the time to study their trade and bring enjoyment to a lot of people, and also thank my close friends and family who joined me for the ride…thank you.