Hi all.

I am sure there are many of you out there that have decided in the last 7 days to get yourselves down the gym and get rid of those few extra pounds.

Well, two years ago I was one of you and I’m proud to say that I’m still going. And, of course, now I’ve got the added incentive of moving to a hotter country in just 3 months where I won’t be able to spend a majority of the time wearing jeans and baggy t-shirts (a look I’ve perfected over the years).

Ok, there are some weeks I don’t go, some weeks where I look out the window and decide it is too cold or wet to step out of my onesie and into my gym kit, and even some weeks where the gym seems too far away – a pathetic excuse considering I can see it from my front window.

But, you know what, I actually really enjoy it once I’m there. There is nothing like the satisfaction of feeling a bit of sweat, sorry ladies, perspiration trickling down your back or feeling your muscles ache from one too many lifts of the weights.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been a smooth ride. I’ve had some comical moments such as the time I stopped walking on the treadmill (Running? Good god, no) as soon as I hit 30 minutes but before I hit the stop button, resulting in a less than graceful exit off the back of the machine. Or the time I almost fell off the cross trainer purely because I turned around too far to get a glimpse of the Josh Hartnett lookalike doing press ups on the mat behind me. Or, even worse, the time the personal trainer I hired was helping me with stretches at the end of the session only for me to, well, how shall I put this, oh sod it, farted. Ok I said it, it happens. Stop giggling.

Gyms nowadays aren’t just full of testosterone filled men, you can find all sorts of people. Many of them an inspiration to me, and to everyone in the gym. There’s the old fella who walks on the treadmill whilst hooked up to an oxygen canister, or the overweight lady pensioner in a wheelchair who can pump more iron than Arnie, or the guy who looks like Santa who runs on the treadmill further than I could dream of even walking, mind you he may be  getting into shape for next Christmas’ workload…who knows.

I know many of you will hesitate and say you find the gym is boring and yes it can be. But take some ‘bouncy’ music (I find Flo Rida a good start), or go with a friend, or take a book, or plant yourself in front of a television and get educated in 90’s made for TV films – this afternoon I watched part of Mighty Ducks starring a very youthful Emilio Estevez, who I’ve decided looks like Tom Branson from Downton Abbey. Now I wouldn’t have discovered this fascinating fact if I’d gone shopping instead would I?

Don’t go expecting results straight away, it will take time but eventually you will notice an increase in your fitness level, and that spare tyre will start to look like there is a puncture in it. But, for gods sake, don’t get home and congratulate yourselves on a job well done by treating yourself to a biscuit!

Go on, give it a go, stick with it and let me know how you get on.