When I was in New York recently I got the chance to achieve no. 94 on my Bucket List; making a ‘bowl’ on a pottery wheel.

I’ve stretched the imagination somewhat with this as it didn’t exactly look like a bowl by the time I finished and I think my instructor probably had more to do with turning it into something recognisable than I did. If I had been left to my own devices I would no doubt be the proud owner of a mis-shaped ashtray, with a hole in it.

But thanks to Patricia at Mud, Sweat & Tears pottery studio (www.mudsweat-tears.com) I will shortly be in possession of something that resembles a mug, as soon as she has glazed it and sent it to me.


If you’ve not tried pottery before (or is it potting, poterising or maybe even potronisation?) then I recommend you give it a go but be warned, there are 2 things you should know about pottery; 1) It is a hell of a lot harder than it looks and 2) No matter how hard you concentrate, Patrick Swayze will not snuggle in behind you and give you a hand.

Luckily for me Patricia (I never asked her surname but I bet it wasn’t Swayze) soon figured out that my mind spends most of it’s time in the gutter so informed me that getting the hang of potting could improve my sex life. And I have to say that I definately have a more firm and steady grip than when I first got there!

It's been a long time since I've concentrated this hard on something this phallic looking!

It’s been a long time since I’ve concentrated this hard on something this phallic looking!

Anyway, 2 hours after walking into the studio I managed to produce a fairly well shaped mug, more well shaped than my first attempt which collapsed as soon as I tried to take it off the potters wheel. I also managed to cover myself in more clay than was totally necessary and tried to steal another potter’s finished product and pass it off as my own. Something tells me I might not be allowed back…

Almost finished (mine's the smaller more pathetic looking one)

Almost finished

And here's one I prepared (stole) earlier

And here’s one I prepared (stole) earlier

If you want a reminder of the rest of the items on my Bucket List, check out my previous post: ‘Right, Let’s Get Cracking’ and if you want to join me in any of them just let me know.