“As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat”

Ellen Perry Berkeley

If you are a pet parent you will know that they can seriously restrict your travel plans, unless you are as lucky as my fellow blogger, The Blonde Coyote, who has two adorable dogs who are more at home on the road than in front of a roaring fire.

Your options are usually limited to leaving them with family, getting the neighbours to pop in to feed them or dropping them off at a kennel/ cattery/piggery(?). Alternatively you can do what I did and find yourself an ‘Aunty Kelly’. Kelly is a lovely, bubbly, sweet Texan lady in her twenties that I met back in 2010 when I was looking for a way to travel more without feeling guilty about making my mum take 2 buses each way, each day to make sure that my little darlings didn’t experience hunger pangs (although not sure Munch has ever experienced hunger pangs and am convinced she could live off her own body fat for a week, if not a month!).

Kelly and her partner Jon run a pet sitting company, Tender Loving Pet Care, and they will look after any animal that comes their way, from cats and dogs to ferrets and chickens, and a pet visit costs from as little as £8 with a dog walk being from £7. Kelly also has an over-riding desire to look after a pig (she can look after my ex husband if she likes!) so if you have one that needs looking after let her know and that’s one thing I can help her tick off her Bucket List.

One of Kelly's snapshots with Scooby taking a lot more interest in her than he does in me

One of Kelly’s snapshots with Scooby taking a lot more interest in her than he does in me

The kitties absolutely adore her and she always leaves me a note for my return letting me know if they’ve embarrassed me or not, she sends me pictures of them during my absences, she sends them birthday cards and presents (I don’t bloody get anything though, humph), and, more importantly, for the last few years I haven’t had to put up with the silent treatment when I get home from holidays. In fact, I’m surprised they’ve not emailed me telling me not to rush back, although to be fair that may only be because they don’t have opposable thumbs. Note to self: they are cats, CATS, for god’s sake woman, get a grip.

Kelly with her own cat, Winnie

Kelly with her own cat, Winnie

I’m going to miss Kelly when I move to Fethiye, although probably not as much as the kitties will but I’ve got a dastardly plan which involves offering her free holiday accommodation that might, just possibly, coincide with a trip I plan to take…But for now, if you need a pet sitter and you happen to live within 10 miles of Halling in Rochester, Kent, UK drop her a line…she’s awesome.