Well, as it happens, no I can’t, but it turns out there is a lot I can live without.

A couple of weeks ago I started the packing process for the big move. I don’t need to take any furniture as I am moving into a furnished apartment which means I am trying to stick to taking just one large suitcase (and the cats of course).

So, recently I have been de-cluttering. I’m hardly a hoarder anyway but it is amazing how much MORE stuff you can throw away/donate/give to friends/sell when you apply a logical twist to it. Do I need it? Have I used it in the last 6 months? Can I buy another one in Fethiye? And, of course, most of the answers are ‘no’, ‘no’ and ‘yes’. I’ve even de-cluttered my i-tunes (sorry Backstreet Boys).

A number of years ago I had so many DVDs, CDs and books that there wasn’t a wall in my flat without a full-sized shelving unit up against it. I had to have the latest DVDs, even if I hadn’t actually seen the films…and I probably never did get round to watching them. Books gathered dust. CDs got forgotten.

Then I realised that owning things didn’t make me happy, having memorable experiences did. And to have a lot of these experiences I needed money, money that I was wasting on ‘stuff’. So I stopped. Well, almost. I occasionally falter and confess to now owning the entire Twilight Saga on DVD (Team Jacob, thanks for asking). I am also on Kindle No.3 so sometimes I fail big time.

However now, not only do I have to pack lightly but I have to embrace a whole new way of living. I will be living off a small amount of savings and the money I get from the sale of my flat (which isn’t a great deal) and I won’t be earning a regular income so I’m adopting a new mantra: ‘Live More, Spend Less’.

And on that note I’m off to get baby out of that damn corner…