“Fate is what happens to you; destiny is what you do with it”

Clare Balding

I truly believe that the major events in your life are already mapped out, it’s just the road you take to get to them that can change.

I do sometimes wonder what would have happened if I’d made some different decisions. If I was as keen on having children as he was, would I have married the love of my life? Even if I had would he still have ended up with his current wife somewhere along the line? If I hadn’t gone on that single travellers trip to New Zealand in 2008 would I have met Julia, my friend from Fethiye, in another way or would I have met someone else who would have sent my life in a totally different direction? If I had said no to all those packs of chocolate fingers would I have spent less of my life down the gym?

Me & Julia in New Zealand at the start of a beautiful friendship

Me & Julia in New Zealand at the start of a beautiful friendship

I like to think that there are multiple parallel universes out there. That every time you make a decision another you is making the opposite choice. It is with this kind of thinking that I hope there is a me with Channing Tatum as my husband, Zac Efron as my pool boy and David Beckham as my personal trainer. Oh, and sod it, while we are at it, can my BFFs be Jessica Ennis, Kate Middleton and Gok Wan please?

I also think some people spend too much time on the What If’s. If you’ve made a decision then stick to it, if you can’t change it then make the best of it; there is bound to be another opportunity to make a different decision that may put you back on the right path if you find yourself on the wrong one.

I’m also going to make a vow right now that none of my What Ifs will be one’s where I say ‘Oh I wish I had done that’. I’m going to be braver about saying yes to opportunities I am given (only legal one’s I’d like to point out) and get out of my comfort zone more often, after all life is made up of dreams and memories and ‘What If’ is not what I want written on my gravestone.

And, as I promised a few post back to keep my posts light-hearted and amusing, which I’ve clearly failed at with this post, I’m going to end with a picture that never fails to make me giggle, and just proves that you really can make the best of a bad situation…

I'm a flower