Now, anyone who has been paying attention will notice that I mention Julie F quite a lot. So I figured it was about time I told you about her.

Julie is a lady I met when I started my last job just over 3 years ago. We’d been working in the same building for a few weeks without noticing each other then one day she came to speak to the person sitting next to me, looked at me and then ran away screaming. Now I have to confess that this isn’t the usual reaction I get from people and, as far as I recall, that wasn’t the day I’d chosen to wear my see-thru top and nipple tassels.

The ridiculously photogenic Julie

The ridiculously photogenic Julie

Anyway, she tottered back a few minutes later clutching a laminated A4 picture to her heaving chest. It turned out to be a picture of the deliciously gorgeous actor, Jensen Ackles, better known as Dean Winchester from TV’s Supernatural. And the reason she had got so over-excited? Well, I also had a picture of the lovely Mr Ackles stuck on the wall next to my desk.

That, ladies and gentleman, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

She is just as happy partying the night away as she is being in her PJs by 9pm and watching her favourite Supernatural episode. She’s always smiling, always cheerful and always happy to join in with absolutely anything. This is a trait that she is starting to regret as I’ve roped her in for at least half a dozen of my Bucket List desires.

On the upside though I didn’t have any problem convincing her to book a flight to Toronto in October this year to join me in attending a Supernatural Convention, in fact I am not sure which one of us is going to hyperventilate first. But I’m also not sure how much longer our friendship will last once I’ve made her do the CN Tower Edgewalk