Don’t worry dear readers, this isn’t a typo, you aren’t about to read the next instalment: ‘Fifty Shades of Earl Grey’.

Yesterday I managed to complete not one, not two, but THREE of my Bucket List tasks. However, I’m going to tease you by only telling you about two of them today.

First of all, the duck. Now you are probably thinking ‘is she suggesting I bend down swiftly to avoid a low flying object or is she referring to our feathered friends?’ Well, neither actually. I am in fact referring to a large, yellow, metal amphibious vehicle called Mistress Swiftly (hmm, maybe I am straying into Fifty Shades territory after all!). Yesterday was a rare day where the sun shone (briefly) in London so doing a Duck Tour seemed like the logical thing to do and I was joined by, you guessed it, Julie and our other friend Terry. You travel around the sites of London by road before plunging into the River Thames in the same vehicle with the water barely inches away from the rim of the ‘boat’. I advise you to leave your pride at home though as these vehicles do not drive down the streets unnoticed and it can make you feel like a minor celebrity.



Duck tour

Talking of minor celebrities, that leads me to the second Bucket List task – Tea at the Ritz – and it turns out that we chose the same day that Gail from Coronation Street got married there which explained the  ‘star’ spotting in the lobby of the hotel. Oh, and we also saw Christopher Biggins and Ashley Wotsit from PussyCat Dolls.

But, enough of that, let’s talk about scones. Oh boy, what a warm, melt in the mouth, finger licking good experience that was. Not to mention the cucumber sandwiches without crusts and the cakes that had little itty bitty ‘R’s’ on the top of them. And of course, the tea. I’m afraid I’m a bit ‘English’ when it comes to tea. The Lapsong Souchong Imperiale, Russian Caravan and Silver Needle teas didn’t appeal so I chose the Ritz Royal English, all that was missing was a digestive biscuit – should have brought my own.

Two hours later we staggered out of The Ritz vowing never, ever to eat anything sweet ever, ever again (yeah right).

Don't mind if I do...

Don’t mind if I do…

And yes I did steal the menu!

And yes I did steal the menu!

If you want a reminder of the rest of my Bucket List aims click here and watch this space for the big reveal of what the third achievement was…