Well, here it is, the moment you have been waiting for…the big reveal of the third Bucket List item I ticked off last weekend (you’ve had sleepless nights waiting for this haven’t you?)

If you haven’t already guessed by the rather vague description in the title, I went zorbing on Saturday morning thanks to my friend and blog follower, Ian, who sent me a voucher for an, erm, zorb.

Julie and I turned up at the venue bright and early and, once the pods had been inflated we just had to wait for one other couple to roll down the hill in wild abandon before we did. If you’ve never been zorbing before I feel I should let you know that there is absolutely no way you can retain your dignity as you need to launch yourself through the hole in the pod or, in my case, get stuck half in/half out with your arse up in the air. Once you’ve regained your composure you get strapped down opposite your companion and then before you know it you are off…it only lasts about 30 seconds but that’s enough time for your stomach, brain and eyes to all go in different directions!

Not our most elegant moment!

Not our most elegant moment!

Ready for launch...

Go for launch…

I had an absolutely brilliant time and am so glad I crossed it off the list but no-one, not a single person, not even one of the employees warned me exactly how many of my nails would get ruined – three to be exact – I am sure there should have been something in the disclaimer about that.

And, not to be outdone, Munch decided to try her paw at homemade zorbing later on that day…

Munch zorbing