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Yesterday I managed to tick off yet another Bucket List item – my bucket sure does overfloweth (have I just made that word up?) at the moment.

One of my aims was to get my blog followers into treble fingers by the end of the year, but yesterday afternoon I reached 100, over 7 months ahead of schedule. I know that isn’t a lot when compared to some of the blogs out there but it’s only little old me innit? I’m thrilled that so many people I don’t know, from all over the world, have taken the time and made the decision to take an interest in my life. I’m also thrilled that a number of long term friends signed up too, with me only having to bribe a few of them with the promise of free holiday accommodation in Fethiye!

I especially want to thank the first person who signed up to my blog. You’ve probably already guessed who it is – yep, Julie. Good girl. And I also wanted to thank mid20chronicles for being the person who pressed the follow button that got me from 99 to 100.

I’ll stop gushing now or people will start thinking I am Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars. But thanks boys and girls, it means a lot and now let’s continue the journey…