Right, well it’s almost time. Just under 5 hours until my internet and cable get turned off and just over 8 hours until our ride to the airport turns up.

Farewells have been made, tears have been shed, bags have been packed, flat has been spring cleaned, all recorded TV shows have been watched and the kitties are asleep and completely oblivious to the hell I am going to put them through in 8 hours time. I like to think of it as revenge for 15 years of being woken up at 4am for breakfast!

I can’t deny that I’ve spent a lot of this afternoon with my head in my hands going ‘Oh God, Oh God, Oh God’ – not because I don’t want to go, absolutely not – can’t wait to get there. But more because finally the reality of a year long dream is happening, right now.

I love the UK, it is my home and always will be but this time tomorrow I will, hopefully, be sitting on my new balcony in my new apartment with the warm air on my face and the kitties happily checking out their new abode.

But as I go into the final hours of my meltdown I will leave you with a poem that my friend, Sally, wrote about Turkey after her mum and sister visited…enjoy and I’ll see you on the other side…

The Trip.

“I feel I need a holiday” Molly had been saying,
but nothing had materialised, despite repeated praying.

Then one day a letter came, right out of the blue,
“A week away in Turkey, is what we offer you!”

“Here at Readers Digest, your custom’s valued deeply,
that’s why this vacation, is priced so very cheaply”.

Lynda said she’d love to go, to Molly on the phone,
“We’ll have such a good time & I’ll be your chaperone”.

They flew out to Antalya, when March was almost done,
happy & excited, their trip had now begun.

A busy week was scheduled, with others on a bus,
of Molly, almost 82, they really made a fuss.

Konya, Cappadocia, lovely Turkish food,
as for Whirling Dervishes, they weren’t really in the mood.

“Restore your youth with mud baths”, most hearing this would scoff,
but Molly, having three of them, found 30 years came off!

Emerging from a hamam, as she stood upon the street,
an elated Molly shouted, “rejuvenation is complete!”

She cast away her walking stick, & then began to prance,
people called “Marsallah!” & smiled at Molly’s dance.

Lynda tugged at Molly’s arm, “Mum it’s time we went”,
but Molly said “I’ve money, on a carpet to be spent”.

Ali, he was waiting, teapot in one hand,
“Welcome my dear ladies. First you must understand….”

“My carpets are so special, buy one if you dare,
Any place you wish to go, they will take you there”.

The carpet sale concluded, Molly felt delirious,
Lynda said “Oh Mum, you really can’t be serious!”

Said Molly “I feel marvellous, & have the urge to travel,
there’s so much world I want to see, with mysteries to unravel”.

“I see from your expression, you think I’ve gone berserk,
but I have lots of time, dear, whereas you must go to work”.

A worried Lynda, flying home, tried to have a nap,
did mother know the Skyway Code, & had she got a map?

Suddenly, across the sky, she saw her gliding gently,
making some adjustments, to her sat-nav, evidently.

Alongside Molly’s “L” plate, a sign said “TMV”
(“Turkish Magic Vehicle”, this means apparently).

Molly looked so happy, sipping linden flower tea,
she then produced a rolling pin, & made a gozleme.

Sensing Lynda’s apprehension, Molly held this sign,
“Please don’t fret about me, love, I will be just fine……

“I estimate my journey, might take about a year,
I’ll send you pretty postcards saying, I wish you were here”.

She blew a kiss & waved goodbye, as she drifted past the moon.
Molly, on her carpet, disappearing all too soon.

Considering a holiday, with Mum, where east meets west?
then follow the advice below, is what one would suggest.

Please avoid all carpet shops. Give mud baths a very wide berth,
unless you want to send your mother, soaring round this earth!

(Copyright Sally Maxted)