Hi all. Firstly, thank you all for your good luck messages. Apologies for not answering them personally but internet access is a bit random at the moment.

Anyway, last time I wrote about travelling with cats I talked about my solution to gallivanting around the world whilst someone else did the ‘pet parent’ job. Well, this time, whole new ball game. This time, Munch & Scooby became (reluctant) international travellers.

Whilst there is no denying that the process of taking animals abroad is a very slow one, not to mention a hugely expensive one, the actual day of the move was very simple and easy. Firstly, myself and the driver from the pet couriers dropped the kitties off at the cargo terminal at Gatwick. Papers were signed, kitties were checked over, travel crate was transferred into the holding area. I did have one small moment of panic when I asked the nice lady what happened to them before the flight. Her opening sentence was ‘Well, when we’ve put them down…’ PUT THEM DOWN. What? What do you mean ‘put them down’? After I’d finished hyperventilating she finished her sentence ‘…out of the way, then we’ll give them some water’.’ Ah, ok, breath and relax.

I then headed to the main terminal and checked myself in. Whilst waiting to board I saw one of those little golf buggy things drive up to the plane with the crate on it, un-attach itself and then drive off leaving the crate outside the plane. Passengers were asked to board but I wasn’t going anywhere until I’d seen that crate get loaded onto the plane. I very much resembled a lovelorn teenager from some bad romance movie, hands and nose against the window, tears in the corners of my eyes, snot running down my face. But eventually they got put on the plane and I headed for my seat.

Now, I have to say, Dalaman Airport was impressive in this instance. Not sure if you’ve ever been there but it is a pretty small airport, only 2 baggage carousels, £8 for a Mars Bar (roughly!) and not a great deal of shops. But when it comes to pet transport they’ve got it nailed. I was waiting for my luggage to come out when all of a sudden, behind me, I heard a plaintive little meow, I turned and there they were, being wheeled out of a side door by a man who, to me, was now eligible for the role of being my next husband! Paperwork was signed, luggage was collected and I was out of there in about 20 minutes. Sorted.

As for settling into the new apartment – well, Munch, how I admire thee – she got out of the crate, sniffed around, sat on the sofa, sniffed around again and then sat on the bed. No messin’. Scooby on the other hand disappeared behind the bed headboard for the first 36 hours and even managed at one point to get in the 4 inch gap behind the washing machine. Poor love.

Munch, all settled in

Munch, all settled in

Hmm, Scooby, not so much

Hmm, Scooby, not so much

I admit to behaving like a new mum over the last 2 days – reporting on Munch’s first poo in the litter tray, Scooby’s first meal, first time they both joined me in bed. And when Munch bravely ventured out onto my first floor balcony it was like watching your firstborn go out on a bike without stabalisers – I followed her around, arms outstretched, hands within inches of her back ready to make a grab for her. But I needn’t have worried, even she realises she can’t fly (although I suspect she might bounce!).

So, there we have it. Two international cats, embracing their new life in the warmth, avidly watching next door’s chickens. I think they will be ok you know.

As for me…well I’ll let you know how I’m getting on next time…