Well, I’ve survived my first week. I’ve not been deported, got lost, housed 100 stray cats or fallen into the marina so I think I’m doing pretty well.

Of course, at the moment, I stick out like a sore thumb. I am so pale that I suspect I give off a white glare whenever the sun rests on me, and I don’t mean a nice, sparkly, vampire kind of glare either. And there’s me walking around in cropped trousers and vest tops while the locals still shiver away in their jeans, jumpers and jackets.

I have to confess that I have been clinging to my friends who live out here, Julia and Mick, like a limpet. Julia in particular has had to practically prise my fingers from her arm but as the days go by I am getting braver; I’ve sat outside a bar on my own to use their wifi, I’ve checked out the local gym (not joined yet – small steps ladies and gentlemen, small steps), I’ve gone to the pet shop and the supermarket, I’ve even been into the local Turkcell mobile phone shop and topped up my phone credits on my new Turkish phone.

You absolutely cannot fault the service here. The Turkish people are incredibly helpful. One example is where I wanted to get some new nets for my lounge. I went into the net shop (with Julia obviously), picked some material I liked and then the owner drove us both back to my apartment there and then to measure up (no off the peg stuff for me you understand). He then apologised profusely, saying he was so very busy that he wouldn’t be able to get the nets ready for me until Friday…oh, did I mention that this happened on the Wednesday? That’s right, he was apologising for taking TWO whole days to get my order ready. In the UK, it would probably take two days just to get the quote. Impressed? Yep, me too.

Of course, there are the stereotypes too and I did get asked out by a waiter on day three…

Later this week I am going to see a lawyer with a rather dashing Turkish interpretor to sign a new lease on the apartment I have just moved in to and then the same rather dashing Turkish interpretor is going to help me get my residency, after which I’d probably ask him to marry me if another English lady hadn’t got there before me – damn.

The view from my 'office'

The view from my ‘office’

Then, thank god, once I’ve got residency I can get internet and TV at home. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s all been very pleasant forcing myself to regularly sit outside a restaurant by the clear blue water in a warm breeze whilst I check out my emails, facebook and of course, write my blog, but that doesn’t solve my TV problems. God, I miss TV, way more than I thought I would. I desperately need to know if Steve McGarrett has taken his shirt off in Hawaii 5-O, or if Derek Morgan has taken his shirt off in Criminal Minds, or even if Oliver Queen has taken his shirt off (again) in Arrow (I’m starting to see a pattern forming here…). Alternatively, I guess I could always watch a Twilight DVD and settle for Jacob taking his shirt off…

I’m also happy to report that the cats are settling in nicely. Munch is acting like she has been here all her life. Scooby, well, he’s still a bit shy but he’s moved from behind the headboard and now spends his days under the duvet in my bedroom, but he does come out in the evening so we are making progress.

So, that’s the story so far. I’ll be back soon to fill you in on my progress…unless I run off with the Turkish waiter of course…