Yesterday was Children’s Day in Fethiye, and a National Holiday.

Bouncy Things Fethiye Children Day Crowds Fethiye Childrens Day DancingImagine if you will a town square filled with hundreds upon hundreds of mummy & daddy’s little darlings. I’m not a huge fan of the little lovelies and like I’ve said before, I couldn’t eat a whole one but there was something uplifting about seeing so many happy, excited, and sometimes painted, faces in such a small area.

Stalls were set up offering toys, gifts and balloons but no money was allowed to change hands ā€“ everything had to be given away for free.

There was dancing and singing (at least I think it was singing) and inflatable things for the kids to play on and be exhausted by, and fun was definitely had by all.

As for me ā€“ well, I was just comforted by the knowledge that there could be a slim chance that my neighbour’s energetic, excitable, loud little boy might, for once, go to bed before I did…

…he didn’t.