Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk. Not just any old walk, but a hash. Now, unfortunately this didn’t have anything to do with inhaling dodgy substances and hallucinating but it did involve alcohol, and lots of it.

I joined the Fethiye Hash House Harriers for one of their fortnightly outings and we walked (some ran, god forbid) for about an hour or so along the water’s edge and around Calis (pronounced Chalish). I met some lovely people including Brian who was tasked with looking after me and Roy who apparantly has a certain reputation with the laydeez. The weather seemed to be the hottest it had been so far this year and instead of the cool breeze by the coast that I had begun to expect, it felt a lot like being blasted in the face with a hairdryer. I have to confess that by the end of the walk parts of me were sweating that I didn’t even know had sweat glands but that’s probably more information than you were hoping for.

After the walk the drinking games started. You had to form a circle and then new hashers were brought into the circle and given a mug of beer, if you drank it with your right hand then you had to have another one. Then the really daft games started. One guy, for reasons I am unsure of, was made to wear a nappy and knock back a beer. You had to drink a beer if you were standing with your hand on your hip. You had to drink a beer if it was your birthday, or your hash anniversary etc – you get the idea. I would like to point out that you did have the option of drinking water and no-one judged you for your choice. Obviously, as someone who barely drinks, I chose the water option but as their tag line is ‘Drinkers with a walking problem’ I guess I should have known what was coming.

Gokova Hash 055Being inducted

After about a hour of games we headed off to a local restaurant for a meal before saying goodnight around 9pm. I am guessing I was one of only a handful who could see straight by the end of the evening.

I really enjoyed the afternoon, met some great people and was made to feel very welcome but, as a non drinker I am not sure how often I will return. After all, being sober kinda means I am missing the point…