…I know, daring aren’t I! Actually, as it turned out, not so daring after all as my chosen mode of transport was clean, air conditioned and pretty comfy, good job seeing as I was sitting in it for 21/2 hours.

So, why was I on this bus? Well, myself and a friend decided to head for Kaş for the day (pronounced Kash), a gorgeous fishing village 68 miles away from Fethiye. The drive down was pretty uneventful, stopping only occasionally to pick up people, suspicious packages and, at one point, we thought a donkey but it turns out the donkey just happened to be tethered to the bus stop.

The last 30 minutes of the journey, once we’d dropped off at Kalkan, was definitely the most eye opening – we travelled on a coastal road which awarded us with stunning views over small beaches, crystal blue water and sheer cliffs. I say eye opening but my eyes were closed on one or two occasions as the road was, shall we say, bendy in places.

The coastal road

The coastal road

We reached Kaş just in time for lunch and found a nice little eatery by the harbour where I went on to have one of the most delicious, mouth watering pasta dishes I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste.To be fair, when it comes to pasta, the Turks, surprisingly, have it nailed – I’ve eaten a lot of pasta in my time, in many different countries, and Turkey wins hands down every time.

P1010902 P1010918 Stairway to heavenAfter lunch we went for a wander, although hike might have been a more appropriate term as Kaş is nothing if not hilly. There are winding little streets, flights of steps that go on into infinity and twists and turns that could see you get lost forever. The main square has a fine selection of bars, restaurants and shops as well as a varied choice in activities you could indulge in – from kayaking, to diving, to paragliding.

I would highly recommend visiting at this time of year though, before the hoards of tourists arrive and you have to battle your way through the crowds to get to your Efes beer.

I have to confess that this first outing has given me more confidence to visit other places by public transport. You never know, I might even be (and I’m going to say this quietly) spontaneous and get up one morning and just decide to go somewhere. Now, usually spontaneous to me means getting out of the left side of the bed one morning instead of the right. I’m the kinda girl that will book holidays more than a year in advance, a haircut two months in advance and check the film selection on a long haul flight on the internet days before I fly so I can plan what I want to watch…actually, you know what, I am going to be spontaneous right now and have a lemonade instead of a coke…yay, way to go Sian…

…lordy, I think I need a lie down now…