Morning all, it’s been a quiet weekend in the world of The Smidge – in fact, Saturday was so quiet I allocated it a pyjama day. And strictly between you and me, if I hadn’t run out of milk yesterday I may well have gone for the double!

Anyway, I didn’t want you to think I’d gone AWOL so I thought I’d share some photos that I took during some of my previous visits to Fethiye that made my chuckle. Enjoy!

Think ‘Elf and Safety’ might have an issue with using a tree as a plug socket:

Tree socket

Definitely the hotel for me:

Dim Hotel

Clearly this restaurant owner couldn’t get planning permission for four whole walls for the restroom, but you’ll hear no complaints from me:

Perfect view

The name is Bon, Simon Le Bon…and I’m watching you:

Duran Cam

With a strapline like this I wasn’t surprised to hear this restaurant was struggling for business:

Kale Park

I know you have to treat your white goods nicely but this is ridiculous:


And my favourite, because I have the sense of humour of a 5 year old! (I guess this is where you get the porn channels!):

Satellite dish