Morning ladies and gents, hope you are all well on this fine and sunny day (where I am anyway!).

Yesterday I went on a morning trip with my local photography group with the aim of getting closer to achieving no. 40 on my Bucket List – learn to take a good photo.

We went to Kayaköy which is one of my absolute favourite places in my neck of the woods. Kayaköy currently serves as a museum and historic monument which contains over 500 deserted and derelict houses which are under the protection of the Turkish Government.

We went nice and early, before the sun had had too much time to warm up the skies and hiked right to the top and then all the way over to the left – spending about 3 hours wandering around, taking photos of the nature as well as the ruins. I realised I was getting into this nature photography a little too much when I caught myself taking a shot of some ants rolling a ball of dung down a hill!

Here’s some of those nature shots, minus the dung one, what do you think, have I got potential?

P1010938 P1010940 P1010948

And here’s a few of Kayaköy itself.

P1010962 P1010977 P1010983

Get yourself down there if you are in the area. It takes about 20 minutes by car from Fethiye town centre, a little longer by dolmuş (Turkish bus), or for the more ambitious, a 2 – 2 1/2 hour walk.

It’s worth it…