Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.

Napoleon Hill

Exactly one month ago today my plane was just coming into land at Dalaman, my palms were sweating, I was wondering what on earth I was doing and I was hoping that the kitties were ok in their travel crate.

Now the kitties are completely settled in their new home (even Scooby has stopped hiding behind the bed), I have signed a one year lease on an apartment, my residency application is being processed, I’ve got a Turkish mobile phone, I’ve been asked out by two waiters and I’ve made friends with the Turkish lady who lives downstairs (at least I presume we are friends as she decided to breastfeed her baby when I was there!) – not bad for my first month.

All settled in

All settled in

I've unpacked the essentials!

I’ve unpacked the essentials!

Naturally I’ve had a few moments of home sickness. I miss my family and friends and Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers. Plus it can be a strain living in a country where you don’t know the language although I know a lot more Turkish words than I used to, and some quite random ones at that. I still can’t string together a recognisable sentence but if you want me to sell your mother, sister or friend to 15 empty hospitals then I can help you with that!

I’ve got a few exciting things coming up over the next month including the FETAV launch party, a hen night on a sunset cruise, another photography day out and starting work for a charity. But most exciting of all is that my sister is arriving on Saturday for a week and we’ll be ticking off another one of my bucket list aims during her stay, which you’ll find out about soon.

I’ll end this post by saying that if you have a dream which, with a few sacrifices, could become a reality then go for it. If you leave it too long more complications will arise, more commitments will tie you down, more reasons to not do it will appear and before you know it you will be too old or too infirm to follow your dream…and you wouldn’t want that would you?