This morning my sister and I decided to treat ourselves so we went to a Spa called Duran’s Wellness Centre in Hisarönü (that Simon Le Bon gets everywhere doesn’t he!).

For the princely sum of £25 we started off in a sauna where we were joined by six other sweaty English folk. I have to say that it’s quite hard to make polite conversation when you are sweating in places even your mother doesn’t see but hey ho, stiff upper lip and all that.

And then, of course, being in Turkey, we went for a Turkish Bath (fyi, it is not just called a bath over here). I am relieved to say that none of our limbs were bent at an unnatural angle, no harsh slapping was involved and we stayed in our cossies the whole time.

We started by lying on slabs of marble to get exfoliated to within an inch of our lives. This was followed by having lukewarm water thrown all over us multiple times before lying down again to be rubbed in warm water with LOTS of bubbles. It was at this point that the chap giving me a rub down asked about where I lived etc – I guess this is their hairdresser’s equivalent of ‘going anywhere nice this year’. I have to confess that having a conversation with a fairly pleasant looking young man while you are both wet and he is rubbing bubbles into your thighs can be quite an erotic experience, but I don’t think this spa offered any of those sort of ‘extras’…

We followed up the Turkish Bath with a 30 minute oil massage although you can pay for massages that last up to an hour.

Then to finish off we simply sat in a couple of comfy chairs before getting dressed and being driven back to Fethiye by one of the staff.

I think this is definitely something I shall work into my monthly budget and recommend that you give it a try if you are in the area.

I would have included personal photos but I’m not, for your sake. I may well have felt extremely good at the end of this session but I can guarantee I didn’t look it. Thinking on it, it is probably good I didn’t ask for any ‘extras’ or the fella might have resigned on the spot…

This is most definately NOT me!

This is most definately NOT me!