Earlier this week me and my baby sis (hmm, she is 31 now so maybe I should drop the baby!) went on a 12 Islands Boat Tour. As with most things in Turkey, I think they were a bit lax in their description as, unless I nodded off for longer than I thought, we only stopped at 6 islands.

The day kicked off around 10ish when we boarded the Fulya 10 boat. There were about 30 people on the boat including a family of French who were clearly influenced by German culture as they laid their towels out in one corner of the boat and then went to sit in another!

It all started off a bit cloudy but being typically British that wasn’t going to stop me getting into the sea at the first stop, after all once you’ve bathed in British waters anything else seems like a warm bath.

Good tan lines huh!

Good tan lines huh!

We stopped at 5 locations for about 30-40 minutes each, each location giving you the opportunity to have a swim or a float using one of those long, inflatable tubey things…you know what I mean. Even my sister, who isn’t a swimmer, couldn’t resist taking a dip although she took the extra precaution of wearing a life jacket as well as grasping a tubey thing. I even jumped off the side of the boat on one occasion but won’t be doing that again as water heading up your nose at warp speed isn’t the most pleasant of feelings.

A popular stopping point

A popular stopping point

We also stopped at an island for an hour and had the opportunity to get off and have a walk around. Luckily by this time the sun had come out and the clouds had cleared. In the midst of all this we managed to fit in lunch, which was included in the price. Your two choices were chicken or fish – if you don’t like eating something that looks like it got on the plate voluntarily a few minutes before then I recommend you go for the chicken. All very tasty though.

I tried to get a ticket for this trip but it was full booked...

I tried to get a ticket for this trip but it was full booked…

Finally, around 6pm we headed back into Fethiye Marina, said our farewells to the new friends we had made and headed home to soothe our sunburn.

All in all, a good day…