…so I did…in fact, to be a tad more specific, I went paragliding, meaning that’s another item ticked off the old Bucket List.

My sis and I arrived early in Ölüdeniz to get the first Sky Sports bus up to the top of Babadağ, which apparantly means Father Mountain (that’ll be the high one then).

If you are planning on doing this then don’t worry about how scared you will be when you have to take those few steps off the edge of the mountain because I can guarantee, without a shadow of a doubt, that the bus journey up there will be twice as terrifying. Imagine if you will a minibus hurtling up winding gravel roads, a sheer drop on one side, the side that you happen to be on, with other minibuses hurtling back down in the opposite direction. The good thing about this for me was that it made sure I didn’t back out of the paraglide as there was no way in hell I was going to go back down that hill in something that had wheels!

The silly bugger has put me in charge

The silly bugger has put me in charge

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPROAnyway, this heart-in-the-mouth journey ended 1800 metres up the mountain at a fairly small paved area with a few other minibuses and nervous looking tourists. We were all allocated a pilot, in my case the lovely Borak (no, not Borat, BORAK). He very kindly zipped me into a jumpsuit, strapped himself to me (ooh err) and told me to walk when he did, run when he did, and not to sit down until he told me to.

Before I knew it, and a mere 10 minutes after arriving at the top of the mountain, we were on our way back down. Well, what a way to go. The views were stupendous, the wind was, erm, windy and the adrenalin was running high. We had a nice little chat while floating around, he pointed out areas of interest, I pointed out my apartment (he couldn’t see it) and then he started to fly us in the direction of my sister who had taken off just before me with his brother, Murat (no, not Borat, MURAT). To catch up with her he said we would have to do some acrobatics and obviously, me being me, I jumped at the chance, as did my stomach about 3 minutes later.

After one set of siblings had waved manically to each other the other set of siblings parted again and I was given control of the paraglider (was he mad!). To be fair not even I could go wrong with ‘pull this one to go left, pull this one to go right’ and we swayed pleasantly from side to side for a while. Finally it came time to land, after being in the air for about 25 minutes. The landing area at Ölüdeniz is just along the beachfront, in a very narrow strip between the restaurants and the sea and as you get lower and lower people start scattering like ants before you are caught by two strapping lads who ensure you don’t end up having an impromptu swim.

I have to say that I didn’t find paragliding thrilling as such, instead I found it to be a very calm, very soothing, very zen like experience, and in some of the video of me it even looked like I was just sitting there waiting for the kettle to boil! One day you might see the video but it was taking forever to upload and I got bored!

Me and my pilot, Borak

Me and my pilot, Borak

Finally, while I’ve still got your attention, I wanted to point out that in the shot to the left I am wearing a t-shirt with a crossed out ‘impossible’ written across the front. I got this from a website called Impossible HQ run by a chap called Joel Runyon. He encourages you to do things out of the ordinary, push yourself a little further, get out of your comfort zone…so you’ll be seeing this t-shirt a lot when I tick off many of my Bucket List aims.

Bye for now 🙂