2013-05-29 14.08.23That’s right. I’m official. I am now a resident of Turkey – for the next three years anyway.

The process of getting residency was fairly straight-forward, especially if you enlist the help of a dashing translator.

To get residency you need your passport, a tax number (obtained from the local tax office), a property rental or purchase agreement, 5 photos (not passport photos, they actually like you to smile in these) and either a letter from your pension provider or evidence of enough money, in a Turkish bank account, to live on (around £3,000 should do it).

Once you’ve got all these you can either do all the running around getting things filled in and signed or employ the aforementioned dashing translator as I did. Jeez, I can’t keep calling him that – he does have a name, which is Yakup, and he is very helpful, very good at English and very married to an English lady (damn). But he can help with all your translation needs, not just residency; he can attend meetings with you, make phone calls, read or write stuff for you etc. If you need help let me know and I’ll give you his details.

The dashing Yakup

The dashing Yakup

Anyway, Yakup filled in the forms, collected payment from me (around 700tl including his fee), made sure he had everything else he needed and disappeared on his moped to god know’s where. Today, exactly three weeks later I picked up a little slip of paper from him, took it to the passport office and voila I’m now official.

Even more exciting is the fact that I can finally get TV and internet at home. I haven’t quite got to the bottom of why you can’t do this without residency but hey ho, doesn’t matter now…although I am now going to have to find another excuse as to why I need to sit at a waterside restaurant for two hours every day…