Hi all.

Those of you who have been with me for a while will recall that I rafted down the Grand Canyon last September – best holiday ever, highly recommend it.

Well, last week I visited the local answer to the Grand Canyon; Saklikent Gorge. Saklikent Gorge is an, erm, gorge (no really!) that you can walk up depending on the time of year and on how you feel about water coming at you at great speed. It only costs 5.50tl and you can either drive up there (about 30 mins from Fethiye), catch a dolmus, or join a jeep safari that includes Saklikent on it’s day trip. You can even pay more and go canyoning, or do other various things that will get you even wetter.

This is the second time I’ve visited. The first time was a little later in the year and the water was shallow, barely more than ankle deep, through most of the gorge.

As for this time – remember the scene in Titanic where Jack is trying to get down a corridor full of water by holding on to the pipes above him? Well, it was nothing like that but there was an awful lot of water.

You first had to cross over to the other side of the gorge to continue walking up it. Easy? Well, no. This is actually the most difficult part as this is where all the water from different directions come together to follow the only path left available to them – and it’s that path that you have to cross. Of course, Turkey is not known for it’s health & safety standards and there are no ropes to hold on to, no indication of the best route, no employees helping you across. You just have to rely on your own sure-footedness and the help of other visitors. Of course, add to this the fact you may have a very expensive camera hanging from your teeth and it equates to a pretty precarious situation.

Sensible, dry tourists

Sensible, dry tourists


Nice and calm


Some beautiful rock formations

Once recovered you can walk as far up the gorge as you wish, or as far as the water will let you. Most of the time the water was around knee height, sometimes it was buttock height, other times it was ‘bugger off if you think I am going across there’ height.

No chance

No chance

I think we managed to walk for about 20 minutes before admitting defeat and turning back.

Guess who walked the wrong way!

Guess who walked the wrong way!

Unfortunately in that 20 minutes the entrance/exit to the gorge had got even deeper and faster. But, there was only one way in and one way out so, with 50 or so sensible, dry tourists watching us from the safety of the riverbank, we began the trek across. 1 step…2 step…trip over a rock…check camera is ok…look at a dry tourists anxiously…3 step…4 step…turn around to see sister frozen in panic…wait a while…go back to get sister…tell her she is nearly there (i.e. lie – she’s not looking anyway)…5 step…6 step…ah sod it; jump, wobble, slip…dry land.