Ok, ok, so it’s Wednesday but I’ve always been a bit behind the times. Oh no, hang on (checks calendar)…jeez, how did it get to Thursday so quick!

Since moving to Fethiye and not having a daily routine I quite often find myself struggling to remember what day it is, in case you hadn’t noticed!

Tuesday’s however, are not a problem. Tuesday is Market Day in Fethiye. It isn’t the only day you can find a market but the Tuesday Market is the big daddy, the grand fromage, the dog’s wobbly bits when it comes to markets. This is the one that tourists arrive at by the coach load.





The Tuesday Market isn’t just for tourists though. Yes, you can get your, ahem, Prada handbags, Jimmy Choo’s and SuperDry clothing but the locals and expats also visit to buy the fresh fruit and veg that is sold by the local farmers. There are rows upon rows upon rows upon rows of stalls selling everything from potatoes, to kiwi fruits to things I don’t even recognise. There’s also the cheese section which, to be fair, pongs a bit, but they are always happy to let you have a try of their selection. And why not take the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of spices and nuts including some called Viagara Nuts (I don’t know, I didn’t ask) and of course you can pick up some Turkish Delight which actually tastes a lot better than that weird pink gooey stuff you get in the UK.

P1020137 P1020136 P1020141

If the sight of all that food makes you peckish there are also plenty of little cafes to sit at for a light snack or refreshment.

Aside from the food and the handbags, you can get absolutely anything you want and probably quite a few things you don’t. Need a saucepan? No problem. How about a bottle of perfume? Sure, which one. A belly dancing outfit for your two year old? Of course, which colour?

P1020133 P1020130

The stall holders themselves are a sight to behold. Shouting out things like ‘cheaper than Primarni’, ‘cheep, cheepety, cheep’ and many other English words that you may not even be aware of. My personal favourite is the stall holder who says ‘You alright mate’ in quite possibly the best Liverpudlian accent I have ever heard – but give it a year and I’ll have every one of them saying ‘pucker’ in a strong Essex twang.

If you do pay a visit please can I ask one favour? Please don’t walk around in just a thong bikini. I saw someone walking down the street the other day wearing one and I spent the rest of the day craving burger baps…