Earlier this week I started making inroads into no. 44 on my Bucket List – ‘Do Some Charitable Work’. I’ve jumped out of planes and abseiled down buildings all in the name of a good cause but decided it was only right to actually dedicate some of my free time instead.

So, on Friday, I did my first shift at the 3C’s (Çalış Children’s Charity) charity shop in, you guessed it, Çalış – which mostly consisted of ironing but, hey, who said charity work was glamorous! And, not only that but I’ve somehow been roped in to work on their website – clearly they caught me at a weak moment.

Anyway, the 3C’s raise money to help young people in the local area by providing much needed equipment for groups and individuals and by providing services that contribute to the health, education and vitality of the community.

The shop is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week, from 11am to 2pm and you can do as few or as many shifts as you like. They also do many other fund raising activities such as a Spring Fair and an auction and attend many events in the local area to spread the word.

If you find yourself in Çalış then feel free to pop in and witness me stabbing myself with the price tag gun thingy.

I’ve also managed to worm my way on to the same quiz team as the Chairman which is good as he is very clever whereas I know absolutely nothing about anything…except 80’s music and the life stories of hunky actors…

A rare sight of me in a dress and schmoozing with the Chairman on a night out