What? What is? Sun, sea, sand, Turkish waiters?

Well yes, all of them but what I am referring to in this instance is cat hair.

As you may know I moved over to Turkey with my two little lovelies and now I spend most of my time eating, wearing and picking up cat hair.

If I open a balcony door a gust of wind finds all the hair that has started it’s own eco-system under the bed or sofa and wafts it across the rest of the apartment.

I hoover practically every day but it is never-ending and it isn’t even the height of summer yet.

My only question is why aren’t the ruddy things bald by now?

Maybe I’ll take a tip from some of the local dog owners who shave their dogs’ hair really short so they don’t overheat in the summer. My favourite being the ‘lion’ in Calis who has been shaved except for the end of his tale and his head – if you need a Simba for the next instalment of Lion King then I think I’ve found him…

Hear me roar...

Hear me roar…