Good morning all.

This morning I had my first taste of reality in Turkey.

There I was, up and about at 6am (damn cats and their meal times). I opened the juliet balcony door in my bedroom but left the curtains closed.

A few minutes later there was a clang which I thought was the downstairs neighbours opening their window grates and then I saw a hand snake through the curtain, trying to pull it aside!

And what did I shout out – ‘hello’ would you believe! It seems you just can’t take the Britishness out of some people!

Anyway, he ran off and that was that. No point calling the police as I only saw his arm and his checked shirt. I think he should actually consider himself lucky as I wasn’t exactly dressed for receiving guests and his eyesight could have been damaged for good!

I guess I’d fallen into the trap of thinking that nothing bad happens in a place where the sun shines all the time. Silly girl.

I won’t let it put me off though. It’s the first bad experience I’ve had and every other Turkish person I have met so far has been kindness itself.

Now I just need to train Munch to become a lean, mean, killing machine…I think it may take a while…

A bit of work to do yet…