Last weekend I decided to go home for the weekend to see my much missed mum.

I confess; when I originally booked the flight it was to visit a gentleman I know but in between booking the flight and actually going I had a change of heart (well, I’m a woman, women’s prerogative and all that). So, because of this I wasn’t flying to the airport nearest to my home but instead I went to Manchester and my good ole mum agreed to jump on a train and join me.

feet tan linesIt’s only going back that I realise how many English things I miss, not least that you understand the language in the shops & restaurants, even just walking down the street and overhearing conversations – god, I’ve missed eavesdropping. And being the typical English summer I had the opportunity to wear jeans and closed in shoes again which hid the weird tan lines I’ve got on my feet, not to mention the tan line about 3 inches up from my ankle from wearing cropped trousers too often (not a good look, trust me). And, of course, an upside of the English summer is that I didn’t walk around with a constant trickle of sweat running down my, erm, bum crack (too much information?)

But do you know what I’ve missed most of all? Primark! I’ve missed just popping in there and picking up handfuls of t-shirts, vest tops, skirts and all the other joys Primark offer. So, to that end, I went to Manchester with just the clothes I was wearing and returned to Fethiye with 26 vest tops in every colour, shape & size you could imagine. I also picked up a pair of cropped trousers but didn’t notice they were on the wrong size hanger – so I’m now the proud owner of a size 6 pair of cropped trousers which is fine, but what am I going to wear on the other leg?

Despite all the above though, I couldn’t wait to get back to Fethiye, the place I now call home, to see my kitties and sit in the warmth again…oops, yep, there goes that trickle…