I’m thrilled to have achieved no. 43 on my Bucket List – ‘get under 10 stone (140lbs/63kg) in weight’ (she says while eating a wagon wheel).

Like a lot of ladies, my weight fluctuates but when I started putting it on around 2 years ago, and finally reached 11 stone (154lbs/70kg) I knew something had to be done – I know 11 stone isn’t overly heavy but it is for my frame – clothes didn’t sit right, I only felt comfy in jeans and baggy t-shirts, lights were most definately out on the rare occasions I was ‘entertaining’.

I tried all the usual stuff – cutting out sweets and chocolate (failed), exercising (nearly failed), eating salad (didn’t even start), doing one of those plans where they send you your 3 meals a day (drained my bank account) but I couldn’t keep any of them up long enough to make any difference.

Turns out the diet plan I needed was the ‘move to a hot country and lose the urge to eat’ diet. Not the cheapest, or indeed the easiest, diet to implement but it’s worked wonders.

When the weather gets too hot the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot stove so your options are to go to somewhere like the Tuesday Market and pick up loads of healthy fruit and veg or, if you are like me and don’t particularly like these sort of foods, just find something really quick and simple to make. In my case this is usually just a plate of scrambled eggs, nothing else. I always have breakfast and then just one more meal to last the rest of the day – either the scrambled eggs (topped up with wagon wheels) or I pop down to one of the local eateries and feast on one of their delicious meals (which also means I get to know the waiters nod, nod, wink, wink).

The Bogazici - one of my favourite restaurants

The Bogazici – one of my favourite restaurants

Making friends with one of the waiters...

Making friends with one of the waiters…

The fact that I’ve not been brave enough to catch buses to some of the places I need to go helps too – after all, walking for 90 mins in hot sunshine is going to work off something and it works wonders on your leg muscles too.

I am sure that once I get used to the weather I will start eating normally and maybe gain the weight again but that will be when I decide to join the gym and take a little extra care over what I am eating.

In the meantime, I am going to jump for joy over the fact that I am now 9st 12lbs (138lbs/62.5kg) and have another wagon wheel to celebrate…