No. 99 on my Bucket List is the true biggie, that’s why it is almost at the end of my list. This one is the one that is going to take a whole lot of time and money to achieve, the one that will mean a whole new outlook on life, on lifestyle, on the world. And I can’t deny that doing this trip will probably tick off most of the remaining items on my current Bucket List.

535844_194511690660421_794449831_nLet me tell you a bit more about it…I’ve travelled quite a lot but there is so much more of the world I want to see and, after some digging around, it seems the best way of seeing it is by overlanding – basically, travelling by road. So after quite a considerable amount of research (in office hours naturally) I found a company called Madventure. They do a whole bunch of overlanding trips including Alaska to Brazil over 35 weeks, Africa over 42 weeks and London to Sydney over 26 weeks. But I’ve never been known to do things by halves so I’ve set my heart on the London to Sydney, via Africa one over a staggering 64 weeks, yes, that’s about 15 months of camping, going to the toilet in strange places, and not having a proper shower month after month but hey ho, we’ll all smell as bad as each other by the time we get to Sydney.

So, anyway, having followed them on Facebook for a while, I noticed the other day that pics were appearing of this year’s group in Turkey so I dashed off a quick email to the company and it turns out lady luck was on my side; they were arriving in Olu Deniz the next day which is about 20 mins on the bus from where I live.

527589_194527643992159_175581805_nThe owners of the company, Karen & Will, are actually supervising and guiding this year’s trip so they invited me down to have a nose around. Karen showed me the big orange truck that would be home for 64 weeks and let me take a look inside the storage areas and the cooking area. She advised me on the nuts and bolts of the trip and is sending me a detailed booking pack that tells you the brutal truth about the expedition – after all, the last thing they want is someone to embark on this stupendous journey and find out they don’t like it because of something they weren’t expecting. She did tell me about one traveller in the past who confessed to not liking camping which, considering you camp for about 80% of the trip, was a little unexpected. Unsurprisingly he didn’t last the course.

560597_194517133993210_623378147_nAfter that I had a chat with Will about the money side of things and, while the actual trip isn’t too expensive – well, it’s just under £12,000 which for 15 months is pretty good – if you include all spending money, money for excursions etc it is safe to say you won’t get a helluva lot of change out of £25,000 so it can definately be filed under ‘a trip of a lifetime’ and not something you want to do if you aren’t too sure about it.

Obviously I am not planning on going just yet, after all I’ve only just moved to Turkey and I want to experience this adventure to the full before I embark on another one. And of course, there is the issue of my kitties. I basically need to *lowers voice* wait for them to die. Admittedly at 15 and 16 years old I think I can be looking at going in maybe 5 years. I don’t know. Sometimes Munch has a glint in her eye that says ‘I know what you are up to so I’m going to live to 25 just to piss you off’ but if she does then she does. I’ve been told that they’ve had people in their 70’s on their trips so it isn’t like I need to go soon although I’d like to do it before I get to an age where I might need to rely on someone else to wipe my backside.

So, there you go, the big Bucket List item, it’s awesome isn’t it? And I’ll be booking it as soon as the cats start to look a little peaky…