So, on Saturday I went on yet another boat trip with yet another visitor, my good friend Julie – at this rate I may as well rename this blog ‘Boat Trips in Turkey’!

We decided to do something a bit different, and something I hadn’t done before and go on a boat trip in Dalyan, about 90 minutes away from Fethiye. This wasn’t your bog standard boat trip that involved simply sitting on the boat until you were cooked – this one was a lot more varied.


IMG_0639 P1020275

Once we got to Dalyan we all jumped on a small boat and sailed across the lake to the Mud Bath. There were quite a few groups of tourists there and we all queued up to dunk ourselves into a pit of grey, muddy (obviously) water. I have to say it slightly resembled lemmings jumping off a cliff. We were lucky enough to be one of the first tour groups to get there so it wasn’t too busy, giving us a little more time to cake ourselves in the stuff. I have to admit, it felt horrible! The bottom of the pit was full of stones, twigs and god knows what but once you’d scooped up some mud and slapped it on it wasn’t so bad. After this job was completed we sat by the side of the pit sunning ourselves and slowly getting stiffer and more immobile as the mud went hard – that’s always the time when you get a itchy nose isn’t it!



IMG_0935Once ‘done’ we jumped in the lake and washed ourselves off before heading off to the sulphur thermal bath for a warm (hot) dip. Nothing like the smell of eggs to clear the sinuses! All this time we were being followed by the group photographer who took a bit of a shine to Julie, to the point where he said his heart would break if she didn’t see him again – hmm, nothing like a bit of light hearted flirting huh! Although it did mean we probably had more photos at the end of the tour than most people! Result!

Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, after the Mud Baths we headed back to the mainland for a buffet lunch and then jumped back on the boat to go to Turtle Beach via some pretty impressive Lycien Tombs.


We had about 90 minutess on the beach which was gorgeous, if a little over crowded in places. The waves were enormous and you could get out quite a long way before it got too deep. Afterwards you had the option of heading under a salt water shower or jumping into a fresh water lake.

P1020296 P1020314

But still the day wasn’t over. We headed across this particular lake, just on a 5 minute trip to the crab fishermen. They not only cooked some crabs for us but they also used some as bait to encourage turtles to come to the surface. We only saw one but it was HUGE.

Our guide

Our guide

Finally, we headed back to Dalyan itself, jumped on the coach and headed back to Fethiye, after the obligatory stop at a gift shop of course.

All in all, a good day. A great variety of things to do, an over enthusiastic (and broken hearted photographer), a great tour guide and a nice bunch of fellow tourists. Not bad for £16 huh!