Yesterday I decided to take my current visitor to one of my favourite places in the area – Saklikent Gorge. However, rather than go in the comfort of a car we decided, this time, to take the dolmus (bus).

Off we trundled to the dolmus stop where we were given two options – the ‘stopping’ service or the ‘fast’ service. We opted for the fast service but somehow found ourselves on the stopping one, much to our confusion (as well as the confusion of others that wanted the fast service).

Anyway, it turned out to be a good mistake. First we visited Yaka Park which, from the little time we spent there, seems to be a bunch of small, but pretty waterfalls. We had a wander round, watched the folks from the jeep safari jump into one of the falls, and had a cay (Turkish tea). One of the bar staff asked me about my new cat tattoo which seems to be a talking point round here but I have so far resisted asking anyone if they want to stroke my pussy (give it time!). He also asked those all important questions the Turkish lads are so interested in. Do you live here? Are you married? Do you rent or own your apartment? (yes, no, rent). Ha! I guess there’s no point beating around the bush huh?

Then we went on to Tlos, a city that dates back to 2,000 BC. We headed for a quick look around the tombs while the others in the group did the sensible thing and got themselves a cold drink.




And then finally…was this it? Were we actually going to get to Saklikent Gorge? Well, no, not quite. First we had to stop for lunch at a restaurant run by the driver’s sister apparently (funny that!) but then we were free to make the 200 yard walk to the Gorge.

The river was running high and crossing the Gorge was a little traumatic, especially for my friend who isn’t keen on water. But, fair play to her, she did it, admittedly with a rather grim look on her face. At least this time they had ropes to help us across which they didn’t have last time.

DSCN0269 DSCN0268

DSCN0278Luckily the water was a lot less in evidence further down the Gorge and we trundled on for about an hour, climbing over rocks, walking through shallow pools until we reached a bit where the water was about chest height. Hmm, no, don’t think I’ll bother but thank you.


While all this was happening the water had risen at the initial crossing and was waist height. But there was only one way in and one way out so we had to cross it. Ten minutes later and with soggy bums we made it to dry land and decided to dry out in one of the lovely waterside restaurants with a couple of Pepsi’s (and another conversation about my tattoo of course).


2013-09-09 15.50.23-1

We made it home, weary and semi dry 9 hours after we left, around 7pm, after expecting to be out for just a few hours. But, you know what, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, especially as it only cost 20tl (about £6). Although next time I might just make sure I know where the hell I’m going…