Ok, so this might not be the most exciting task on my Bucket List but it was certainly one of the most challenging for me – No. 98: ‘Wear a dress every day for 7 consecutive days’.

“Really?” I hear you ask. Well, yes, really, this is a difficult one for me as any of my old friends will testify. I’m one of your classic tomboys – always more comfortable in jeans or combats and baggy t-shirts (or tight t-shirts if I was feeling particularly confident that day). I never wore make-up or high heels or put my hair up (actually, to be honest, I still don’t). If Gok Wan had seen me he’d have grabbed me by the trainer lace and told me to start getting those puppies out!

The old days:

combatsBut, living in Turkey, where the average summer temperature is well into the top 30’s, if not the 40’s, clothing that is close to your skin that doesn’t allow ventilation is not practical, not unless you like the feeling of warm liquid running between your butt cheeks. Although, to be fair, that happens no matter what you are wearing but at least with a dress you can flap it around a bit and do a discreet ‘lift’ to get a breeze going.

So, anyway, here’s what I’ve been wearing for the last 7 days:

Day 1:


Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5:


Day 6:


Day 7:


What do you think? Do you have a favourite? Should I go back to covering up those ghastly pins?

Anyway, on that note, I’m off to the waterfront to nonchalantly get a gust of wind up my skirt.