So, my mum is visiting for 10 days. By rights I should have put her on the first plane back as she forgot to bring me any Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers but she is my mum so I guess I have to give her a second chance.

Anyway, along with the usual boat trip, visit to the Tuesday Market, trudge up to Kayakoy, we decided to do a two day, one night trip to Ephesus and Pamukkale – about 4 hours away by coach from Fethiye.

It rained sooooo hard on the way up there that some of us got very wet, despite being on the INSIDE of the coach but luckily the sun came out just as we reached Ephesus.

Ephesus used to be a Greek city, then a Roman one and it’s pretty damn old. Despite that, some of the buildings are in better condition than some modern day structures.

We strolled around with our guide, stumbling over uneven paths, climbing up large steps and trying to get photos of the area that didn’t have hundreds of other tourists in it – a pretty difficult task!

P1020460 P1020481 P1020477

After nearly 3 hours we went for lunch (the less said about that the better) and then headed to our hotel for the night. I nearly had to resuscitate mum after she ordered an orange juice at the hotel and then saw on the menu that it was 30 Euros per glass. Luckily on the bill it only showed up as 12.50 Euros ((great, that’s sooo much better). Luckier still, we were only charged 7tl for it in the end.

Next morning, as the draught shot up my summer dress, which I’d fetchingly teamed with a fleece, we headed off to Pamukkale – a natural wonder of hot springs and travertines which produce terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water – gorgeous, stunning, jaw dropping (but enough about me) – it was an incredible sight and luckily people were not allowed to walk on most of it so it has returned to it’s natural glory after turning brown some years back due to local hotels using the water, and people walking all over it in their shoes.

The pools you were allowed to walk in were wonderfully warm and a welcome break from the cold of the wind, and some people even took the opportunity to take a dip in the thermal baths or have their feet eaten in one of those fishy spa things.

P1020490 P1020500 P1020506

There were also some more ruins there – the ancient city of Hierapolis. Admittedly not as stunning as Ephesus but a lot quieter and I personally thought the amphitheatre was a lot more impressive than the one at Ephesus.

P1020515 P1020525

After lunch we all piled back on the coach to start the journey back to Fethiye. Now you’d think this would be the time that we all started nodding off, having a quick nap, a bit of shut eye. But no, not us, instead we decided to stage a revolt and got together to tell the poor tourist guide that we absolutely refused to go to a carpet shop where apparantly you get locked in and given the hard sell to the point where it is just easier to buy a carpet to get the hell out of there. Fair play to the guide though – he did a vote and when only 7 of the coach party said they wanted to see carpets he cancelled the visit and we headed directly back to Fethiye. Mind you, he was’t the happiest bunny for the rest of the journey which I guess is understandable as he probably missed out on his commission.

So, all in all, a bit of bad weather, no carpets, expensive orange juice but a visit to a wonderful man made site and an equally wonderful natural site – well worth the £50.