Seriously, it was!

And why you may ask?

Well, I embraced my inner geekiness this past weekend and jumped on a plane to Toronto with my pal Julie to spend 3 days salivating over the cast of Supernatural at a convention – ticking off number 88 on my Bucket List.

For those of you not familiar with Supernatural here’s a brief synopsis: 2 very handsome and sexy brothers, Sam & Dean Winchester, are ‘hunters’. They hunt, among other things, ghosts, demons, wendigos and shapeshifters. On the way they’ve also befriended an angel, a demon and a vampire, died numerous times and prevented the apocalypse. The series is now in it’s 9th season and I’ve joined them for the ride right from the word go.

So anyway, we turn up at the hotel in Toronto, check in at the convention and proceed to get very over excited about the coming few days.


Days 1 and 2 gave us the opportunity to go to Q&A sessions with various cast members, attend a karaoke night and also, as gold pass holders, attend a cocktail party with the cast.

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But the big day, the day that put the hormones into overdrive, the day that saw about 1,000 females (and a few men) virtually have hysterics was the Sunday. The day the Winchester boys themselves were coming along.

We all sat waiting in anticipation, knowing they’d be within touching distance within mere seconds. The compere (Richard Speight who plays the Trickster) came on stage, a hush came over the crowd and then he said those words we’d all been waiting for…’Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’.

And suddenly, there they were…


Well, my god, the uproar that greeted that announcement would have made the biggest football crowd proud. I suspect Julie has probably still got the finger marks in her knee from where I grabbed her.

Now any casual viewer will probably think of them in terms of the short one and the tall one but I can confirm, after my personal viewing (although I knew their exact heights already, along with their birthdays, wives names, inside leg measurements) that it isn’t the short one and the tall one – it is the tall one and the bloody tall one (at 6ft 1in and 6ft 4in) and they were clearly both in the front of the queue when it came to collecting their testosterone.

But if I thought my hormones were at the bursting point then, I was wrong because not long after that it was time to go and have my photo taken with them. I only had 15 seconds to make an impression. How’s my hair? Do I look fat? Have I got anything in my teeth? Should I propose before or after the photo?

As it happens I can’t remember much about it. I couldn’t look them in the eye so I looked straight forward which happened to be chest height (not a bad thing). I don’t think I said anything that was actually comprehensible. In fact the only thing I could remember was how warm they felt!


Luckily I had another opportunity to play the cool, non-psycho fan about 20 minutes later when I had another photo taken with them and Misha Collins who plays the angel Castiel. This time I did manage to say a few words although most of them were along the lines of ‘ouch’ as Julie elbowed me out of the way to get her dirty little mitts on Jensen first. I didn’t mind though as it left me getting a 2-4-1 hug deal with Misha and Jared.


As if that wasn’t enough, I also had a photo op with Misha soon after so I think I can safely say that I am close friends with the cast now.


Of course, photos weren’t the only opportunity to meet them and the other members of the show as there were autograph signings as well. I asked Jared to sign a particular part of a poster I’d got everyone else to sign and he simply smiled and said ‘your wish is my command’. Well, you nearly had to fan me down with a very large feather and call an ambulance but I did manage to squeak out the cool comment of ‘I’ve been waiting years for you to say that’ (cringe, blush).

The Castiel costume competition...just a few entries...

The Castiel costume competition…just a few entries…

Apart from the fantastic opportunity to meet all the cast, myself and Julie also realised that we may not be proper fans. Sure, I’ve seen all the episodes more than once, I know the real names of all the cast and their families, I know the other programmes they’ve been in. But compared to some of the super-fans I might not have even bothered turning the telly on. People were dressed up as their favourite character, others were crying openly in the hotel, and many of the questions asked related to series 3 episode 5, or series 8 episode 12 etc etc. I clearly need to start studying again so that I can say I am a true fan the next time I go…and yes, there will be a next time…