Have you heard of Dave Gorman? Well, about 10 or so years ago he decided to go on a quest to meet other Dave Gorman’s from around the world and managed to meet more than 50 of them.

Well, my ambition wasn’t quite so great (neither was my bank balance) but no. 35 on my Bucket List was to meet another Sian Midgley and, let’s face it, it isn’t a particularly common name.

Anyway, around the time that our Dave was meeting all his namesakes, I started getting emails from a lady in Thailand – all very chatty & friendly, no requests for money, no proposals of marriage (well, you never know!). I ignored the first couple but after the third one figured I’d reply to let her know I wasn’t who she thought I was.

And then I got a surprise – an email from Sian Midgley in Toronto, who was the real Sian Midgley she was after. Turns out our email addresses were different by just one dot.

photo 1

Since then we’ve become friends and we’ve even ‘friended’ each other on Facebook – much to the confusion of other friends who sometimes think I am talking to myself on various posts (ok, well sometimes I am but how else would I get a sensible conversation?). We even both changed our email addresses to avoid future confusion, but guess what, we both changed to the same email provider and she still gets my emails!

Anyway, I’m rambling – so, as I was in Toronto recently we decided it was high time we met up, and what a good decision that was. She met me at the hotel, we went for dinner, had a good old natter and found out we had a lot more in common than we first realised – not least that we are roughly the same age, both cat lovers, she is married to a Muslim and I now live in a Muslim country, and she wants to retire early and, well, we all know I’ve done that.

P1020528Hopefully this won’t be the last time we meet and it’s now inspired me to maybe search out others of the same name although I doubt I’ll find them in Fethiye…