Ok, admit it, who lives in a little bubble and thinks, like I used to, that hot countries are hot all the time? Hmm, yep, I can see a few hands up there at the back.

I’ve always marvelled at how green Fethiye is. Lots of flowers, lush forests covering the surrounding mountains, trees filling up the gaps between all the properties…but how can that be when it has only rained maybe once since I got here in April?

The lush forests in Kayakoy

The lush forests in Kayakoy

Well, I got my answer last night, and the night before as it happens. When it does rain here we aren’t talking about a pleasant little shower, oh no, it’s like the gods have all decided to leap around in their power showers wearing head torches.

And there are a number of things that I now realise happen during one of these storms:

1. I will at some point have my electricity cut off. Not for long mind, but it is likely to go off for around 30 mins. To be honest I don’t mind if this happens during a storm as at least I know it hasn’t gone off because I’ve forgotten to pay the bill (again).

2. If you are daft enough to be walking along the coastal path you won’t just look up to the sky to watch a beautiful light show, you’ll probably also find yourself looking at tables, chairs, stray dogs and anything else that isn’t tied down whizz past you in the force 9 gale that often accompanies the storms.

3. I will be sharing my duvet with 2 cats although Scooby has yet to decide if he is more scared of the lightening or of how dark it is under the duvet.

4. I will be able to stand on my outside balcony watching the storm without getting wet, and I still haven’t worked out how that works.

Check out the thunder claps at 1:19, 1:43 and 2:09!

But I don’t mind. It’s nice not to be too hot all the time, it’s nice to curl up under a duvet or snuggle into a big fluffy dressing gown. In fact, I think it might even be time to bring out the onesie again. But it is comforting to know that in a few months time I’ll be back to flip-flops, summer dresses and sweat dripping down my bum crack…