20140410_134538I’ve realised there are a few things on my Bucket List that can never technically be ticked off as they involve an on-going process rather than simply completing a single event…so I’m gonna cheat with this one…

No. 55 on my list is ‘Learn to Speak Turkish’ and since November 2013 I, along with a bunch of others, have been attending 2 lessons a week with a lovely lady called Angel who runs one of the local bars. This lady ain’t daft – we turn up for free lessons and end up running up bar bills which, of course, need to be paid.

Anyway, 6 months on and we’ve all completed the course, got our certificates (and a free Kit Kit) and I now feel like I have got to grips with some basic Turkish. No I can’t have a full blown row in the street with a Turk about the price of vegetables but I can order 999 mousakkas should I wish to, as well as tell a shop keeper (or my other half come to think of it) what I need, don’t need, want, don’t want, like, don’t like, have and don’t have. I can also tell the difference between a bread shop and a kitchen shop which saves embarrassment as well as quite a lot of money.

And thanks to Angel I’ve also learnt how to pronounce and spell some English words differently. Who knew that verb was actually spelt with a w, that ‘because’ is pronounced in a way that might suggest you have a large abode, or that ‘excuse me’ involves a squeeze?

And I can’t finish without mentioning Tarik, who filled in when Angel was on holiday – myself and the other students will never quite forget the different layers of clothing after encouraging him to remove his as he went along – not that he needed a lot of encouragement mind you.

I’m looking forward to the new classes that start in October but in the meantime I’m off to order 392 big red shoes just because I can…