Hey, long time no speak, how are you?

Me? I’m fine thanks for asking. In fact I’ve just got back from a glorious holiday in Hawaii and think I might have broken a record by taking 12 flights in 17 days.

P1030497P1030653P1030667P1030510P1030501Unfortunately there was 1 flight that didn’t happen though, although thinking back that would have been flight 13 so maybe that was a good thing.

I was on the island of K’auai and was within a hairs breadth of completing number 62 on my Bucket List – fly over a volcano. There I was, trundling up the highway with 12 other tourists (oh lordy, that makes 13 again), bouncing up and down in excitement at the thought that I was finally going to view a volcano from above when, 5 minutes away from the heliport, the driver’s radio crackles – yep, you guessed it, all flights cancelled due to low cloud. What a complete bummer. Even worse was that I wouldn’t have an opportunity to reschedule as I had something planned the next day which was also the last day on the island.

But, you know what, I’m never one to let these things get me down and, although I can’t tick it off my bucket list quite yet, I still got the opportunity to see a smoking volcano from the ground, visit another one that looked more like Mars and walk on a lava field as well as through a lava tube.

Oh, and best of all….I got a refund of $450 which made me feel a lot less guilty about buying 7 dresses and 8 pairs of flipflops…