My sister is what I would call an accomplished horse-woman, which in my eyes is anyone who can get on a horse and not immediately fall off the other side.

In May she came to visit, along with her boyfriend, and was keen to do some horse riding in the local area. Now, as she is my little sister by 12 years I obviously have a responsibility to look after her, spoil her and make sure she gets all she desires so off I toodled down to the local tour company and before I knew it I’d arranged for four of us (that’s 1 accomplished rider and 3 idiots) to ride around the hills and valleys of Kayakoy whilst also ticking off number 56 on my Bucket List.

Now Turkey isn’t known for it’s health and safety so it wasn’t a great surprise to learn that riding helmets were optional and that there weren’t any questions beyond ‘have you ridden a horse before’. The first half of the 3 hour trek was very sedate and luckily enough the horses were trained so well that you couldn’t get them to veer away from the set path which was damn good seeing as the aforementioned set path, in a lot of areas, was just a foot wide track with a plunge down the mountain awaiting you on the left.

We then had a 20 minute break in a lovely little cafe in Kayakoy discussing our experiences so far, at which point my other half admitted that he had spent some of the trek with his arms wrapped round the neck of his horse – something I’d had the misfortune not to see.

Anyway, the second half of the trek was due to begin and we were given the option of staying with the sedate group or going with the more experienced group. Obviously, being the idiots that we are, we volunteered for the more experienced group.

I was given another horse this time, a faster horse, which I was assured was equally as obedient as the last horse. So I mounted quite confidentially only to discover, to my horror, that, yes, the horse was obedient but this unfortunately meant that it followed, nose to arse, the lead horse which galloped ahead to make sure the path was clear.

Now I’ve been informed that my horse only actually galloped for a few strides but you trying telling that to a first time rider. As far as I am concerned the ruddy thing galloped for miles, along winding paths, in between foliage, even jumping over a fallen tree at one point and, apparantly from the back I looked like an expert horse-woman, but from the front it was a different story – panic across the face, white knuckles, blisters from holding on too tight – GET ME OFF THIS BLOODY HORSE…

But I survived, I loved it, it was great value for money at only £15 for a half day and, most importantly, I got a picture of me on the horse, on a plate –  you couldn’t ask much more than that could you?


Now, please excuse me while I hobble inside to find the biggest, softest cushion to sit on while my backside recovers…