Yep, that’s right, I’m a penguin….or at least I was for a majority of the first week of December.

As you may know, I do voluntary work for the 3C’s Children’s Charity in Calis and I obviously had a weak moment when they said ‘Hey Sian, fancy dressing up as a penguin for the Christmas fair?’. My first reaction should have been ‘What? Not on your nelly. I don’t even like Christmas.’ but instead it came out sounding something like ‘Yeah, sure, I’d love to and I think I’ll call myself Percy.’

But it wasn’t just dressing up on the day was it? Oh no, before I knew it I found myself embroiled in a strict fitness regime.

I tried to persuade the bosses that penguins are meant to be cute and a tad chubby but apparantly I needed to be in peak physical condition to jump on and off vehicles, chase stray children and generally act bouncy for 3 hours outside Santa’s grotto.

Before I knew it I was doing all sorts…


2014-11-20 14.38.47

Working out at the gym:

2014-11-20 14.36.34

Going to exercise classes:

2014-11-28 10.09.24

Not to mention helping decorate Christmas trees with my colleagues:

2014-12-02 10.50.01

Photo shoots with the same colleagues:

2014-12-02 10.51.56

And flirting with the Zabita (local council law enforcers):


Now, that jumping on and off vehicles thing I mentioned before – well that involved joining Santa and the rest of his helpers the day before the Christmas fair and driving around Fethiye and Calis much to the amusement (bemusement?) of the locals, advertising the fair and Santa’s grotto – this was going to be the biggest Christmas Fair ever with over 230 stalls, musical entertainment and local bars & restaurants opening so it was definitely worth promoting.

truck 2

I’m glad to report that on the day of the fair everything went swimmingly. Myself and the Fairy Godmother stood guard at the gates to Santa’s grotto and attempted to restrain over 160 excited children. Although, to be honest, we had a harder time restraining adults who wanted to rush to the front of the grotto to take photos of their little darlings with Santa.


All in all it was a good day. Stall holders made money, the charity made money, bar owners made money, children went home smiling and I went home a few pounds lighter thanks to Percy.