Living in Turkey, you get the chance to witness belly dancing on a regular basis.

Now I can’t confess that belly dancing is very high on my list of career choices but when a friend of mine said her colleague, Lauren, was going to run a 6 week course in the art of jiggling your hips I thought, ‘hell why not?’

So, there I was, along with a handful of equally bemused ladies, standing in a gym studio, ready to show off our enviable ability to make our hips go one way whilst our shoulders go the other.

At least, that was the plan…

Unfortunately, the first hurdle I had to get over was that I didn’t have the two (sorry, three) attributes needed to be a successful belly dancer – a belly and a decent pair of boobs.

But, not to worry, I’ll give it a go.

Now, as it happens, belly dancing isn’t nearly as easy as it looks. It’s all very well being told that you need to do a figure of 8 with your hips but actually achieving something above a 6 takes a lot of concentration. In fact,  I was concentrating so much that I ended up going to sleep at night with the sound of Lauren’s voice whispering ‘figure of 8’ in my ear.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, despite the excellent teachings of Lauren who, for the record, has the perfect body for belly dancing, at the end of 6 weeks I was no nearer being a natural belly dancer than I was 6 weeks before.

However, it was a good laugh, it was actually a good form of exercise and I made some new friends. But the number 8 is now my least favourite number…

Belly dancing

It’s easy to tell who the teacher is!