A few weeks ago I, along with my sister, popped back to 1962 for a few days.

We didn’t go by DeLoean, hitch a ride in the TARDIS or slip through some sort of wormhole – we actually got there by, erm, ferry.

Ok, so I’ll confess, we didn’t actually go back in time but we did pop over to the Isle of Wight (a small island off the South Coast of the UK for those not in the know) and stayed at a caravan park for 3 nights. Not your ordinary caravan park though – this one was comprised of around 12 classic Airstreams. You know the ones – they look like silver bullets and nowadays you are more likely to find people selling hotdogs or deep fried donuts out of them.

20170430_094155We chose a 1962 Safari Airstream and what a little beauty she was. In estate agent speak she was ‘compact & bijou’ but she had everything you’d possibly need for a holiday. Well, apart from a loo which, if you don’t need one during a 3 night visit, you should probably go and see your doctor.

20170427_161513There were two double beds but one was a pull out and we were far too lazy to do that every day so, being the close sisters we are, we snuggled up in the permanent double bed. I guess we should just be grateful that neither of us were suffering from wind during the trip!

The bathroom didn’t have a loo but it did have a shower, absolutely perfect…for anyone under 3ft 8in tall! Luckily there was a shower and toilet block just across the other side of the field and nothing says ‘British’ quite as much as a girl walking across a field in shoes and a fleecy dressing gown at 8am.

The rest of the Airstream was kitted out in items befitting it’s original era, with lots of little cubby holes containing vintage crockery, books, games and the like.

Of course, we also explored the delights of the Isle of Wight over the next 4 days but that was just by chance as the real reason for going there was the sleeping accommodation which also resulted in me being able to cross off another item on my extensive Bucket List

If you are interested in checking out this unique caravanning opportunity, check out their website.

Oh and we went to the donkey sanctuary too which was pretty cool and this little guy seemed pleased to see us.

donkey copy 2