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It’s been a little over 2 years now since I found Cookie dumped in the gutter at the local animal shelter, aged just 10 weeks old. I’m just glad I was volunteering that day and that she chose me to be her forever mummy.

Fast forward to now and it seems I’m no longer her best friend. I’ve been usurped by a puppy.

The story started about 2 months ago. I’d recently moved to a lovely rental property with a huge, I repeat, HUGE, garden, perfect for an energetic, growing dog. A few months later and it seems that the arrival of a four legged tenant in the local vicinity gave the neighbouring Turkish family food for thought and before I knew it, Paşa (pronounced Pasha) arrived – all ears and not much else.

Now, even though our gardens are not connected other than via a locked gate, it seems that Paşa is a bit of a Houdini. Apparantly 6 month old puppies can get through 1 inch holes in garden fences – who knew.

So began the daily battle of trying to stop him coming into my garden. A battle I well and truly lost. So, instead of upping my game I just gave in and went with the flow. I even started putting out a little food and water for him should be need it.

Of course, Cookie was hugely in favour of letting Paşa in. After all, what could be better than a little playmate to chase around the garden, a little playmate to box around the ears when his enthusiasm gets a bit much, a little playmate to tussle with and share (or not share) your favourite toy with.

However, little Paşa has started getting brave – first it was one foot in the door, then the other, then the bum, then the tail. He’d sneak in when I wasn’t looking and steal Cookie’s food. I’d find him sitting in the hall when I came out of the bathroom, silly grin on his face, ears flapping excitedly. And does Cookie mind? Of course she doesn’t. She loves her new friend. Unfortunately I’m not sure that Peg, my 3 legged cat, feels quite the same way!

Paşa is going to grow into a large dog as he’s partially Kangal so, personally, I’m relieved I’m on his good side.

I’m glad my baby girl has got a new best friend, even if it is costing me double in treats. But I’ll always be her forever mummy and I’m happy with that…

Now, anyone who has been paying attention will notice that I mention Julie F quite a lot. So I figured it was about time I told you about her.

Julie is a lady I met when I started my last job just over 3 years ago. We’d been working in the same building for a few weeks without noticing each other then one day she came to speak to the person sitting next to me, looked at me and then ran away screaming. Now I have to confess that this isn’t the usual reaction I get from people and, as far as I recall, that wasn’t the day I’d chosen to wear my see-thru top and nipple tassels.

The ridiculously photogenic Julie

The ridiculously photogenic Julie

Anyway, she tottered back a few minutes later clutching a laminated A4 picture to her heaving chest. It turned out to be a picture of the deliciously gorgeous actor, Jensen Ackles, better known as Dean Winchester from TV’s Supernatural. And the reason she had got so over-excited? Well, I also had a picture of the lovely Mr Ackles stuck on the wall next to my desk.

That, ladies and gentleman, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

She is just as happy partying the night away as she is being in her PJs by 9pm and watching her favourite Supernatural episode. She’s always smiling, always cheerful and always happy to join in with absolutely anything. This is a trait that she is starting to regret as I’ve roped her in for at least half a dozen of my Bucket List desires.

On the upside though I didn’t have any problem convincing her to book a flight to Toronto in October this year to join me in attending a Supernatural Convention, in fact I am not sure which one of us is going to hyperventilate first. But I’m also not sure how much longer our friendship will last once I’ve made her do the CN Tower Edgewalk

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